Hi, I’m Maryellen

Therapist. Team Builder. Comedian.

Mental health therapist Maryellen Dance is recognized as a thought leader and innovative consultant dedicated to strengthening individuals, leaders, and organizations. Maryellen does this through helping individuals and groups become more self-aware, overcome internal barriers, and reach their potential.

Maryellen runs her own mental health therapy practice, Quantum Leap Therapy, in her hometown of Rochester, NY. Along with serving the community and helping people overcome barriers to receiving mental health therapy, Maryellen also teaches psychology at Nazareth College.

Maryellen’s goal is to change the conversation to be able to provide tools for learning how to shift own’s one attitude and outlook in order to gain the self-fulfillment we all crave.

Maryellen is an expert in her field working with people experiencing depression, anxiety, trauma, and general discontentment. Maryellen has spent years practicing this as a therapist, but now also offers group training and speaking events focusing on mental health education, awareness, and training to gain self fulfillment, satisfaction, and success.

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P.S. I still do therapy too, check out the badass therapy practice I own: Quantum Leap Therapy

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