with Host Maryellen Dance, LMHC

Get real about mental health, therapy, and understand not how to become great, but how to become



“This is a wonderful podcast. So easy to follow, funny, honest and relatable! Just when I think, oh this week’s topic doesn’t relate to me, she comes out with another scenario and bam! It’s like she knows me! My Wednesday commutes from work are much more enjoyable with Maryellen on my drive with me!”


“This podcast is so great to listen to because while it really gives me the information I’ve been looking for, Maryellen talks in such a fun, conversational tone! Totally recommend.”


“This podcast is exactly what we all need. An intelligent and professional insight into an important side of mental healthcare. But portrayed as people need to hear it, honestly and without any pretension. A wonderful introduction to help those who are looking into therapy for the first time or a great way to help encourage those who have experience but are nervous to resume.”


“Maryellen is not only knowledgeable, but relatable! This is a down to earth introduction to all things therapy. Give this podcast a listen and you won’t be disappointed!”





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