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Did you know that happy employees are 12% more productive than unhappy employees?

Did you know that happy employees stay at their jobs 4x longer than unhappy employees? 4x!!

Have you noticed a lack of energy with your team? Have you noticed people seem on edge, or unhappy? Maybe you feel like you don’t have anything to be anxious or worried about but you still are. Maybe you don’t want to say anything because you know that other people have it much worse than you so you should be thankful? That you don’t think you’re anxious or depressed…………but you also know you aren’t fine? Do you see these traits in your team? Do you see general worry and discontentment? 

Have you ever been told (or maybe you’re the one telling your team) that maybe you just need to go to the gym more, or take a vacation, or taking “time for yourself” will make it all better? Excuse me, what time for myself? And if someone on Instagram tells you one more time to take a damn bubblebath you’re going to lose your mind!

You are NOT alone. You are NOT weird. There is nothing wrong with YOU or your team or your leadership skills. As much as you may feel alone, and strange, or weird…you are NOT! You’re struggling. Your team is struggling. It feels like there is no way out of the day to day grind.

40% of happiness is dependent on the individual’s own outlook…..so no matter how many team building exercises you do, or how many casual Fridays you have…..it all comes down to the individual person…..as a leader or even a team member that may feel very discouraging. That there’s nothing YOU can do to help the environment. That you’re just destined to have a stressful job.

But that’s not the case……………………………

What type of culture might it be if management brought into the office a licensed therapist to be able to provide the tools for learning how to shift one’s attitude and outlook? What would it be like if you saw each individual employee taking control over their own happiness and well being? What does a truly healthy and happy work environment even look like?

Supporting overwhelmed organizations with mental health coaching

 Guess what?! Maryellen is an expert in her field working with professionals experiencing depression, anxiety, and general discontentment. Maryellen has spent years practicing this as a therapist, but now also offers group training for organizations focusing on mental health education, awareness, and training to gain self contentment and job satisfaction.

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P.S. I still do therapy too if you’re interested in individual work, check out the badass therapy practice I own: Quantum Leap Therapy

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