Hi, I'm Maryellen!

Therapist. Coach. Motivational & Comedic Speaker. Mozzarella Stick Champion. 

Mental Health is serious, widespread, and important. That being said, in this era, we take ourselves too seriously. I want to give you permission to take yourself and life less seriously in order to promote change.

I use a lot of humor to help others who are struggling with self esteem, life transitions, trying to reach potential/goals, or overall contentment.  With being called to make a bigger impact, my coaching programs are tailored primarily for groups such as college campuses, corporate offices, and conferences however I do work on an individual basis as well. I tie in my therapy experience, my life experience, and most importantly humor, to help others take themselves less seriously in order to grow.

Shoot me an email, I’d love to hear from you!

(I also love to connect on Instagram @maryellendance)

P.S. I still do therapy too, check out the badass therapy practice I own >>>http://www.qltherapy.com