Corporate Consultation

You know that there are mental health concerns within your organization, how could there not be especially after COVID-19? But you don’t know how to incorporate mental health into the day to day. You encourage your employees to use the Employee Assistance Program for gym memberships or counseling. But you don’t know what to do and it’s impacting their work. How do you maintain the boundaries of a professional work setting, support employees, all the while getting the job done? Contact Maryellen today.

(Initial corporate consultation typically involves 6 weeks of weekly meetings with senior leadership, however plans can be flexible depending on the needs of the organization).

Not interested in consulting? Check out some of the keynotes and workshops that Maryellen does with organizations.

Individual Consultation

You need help. You have a friend/family member struggling with mental health and you have no idea what to do. You spend all your free time googling treatment centers and diagnoses.

After you send Maryellen an overview of what’s going on, she will schedule a 90 minute Zoom meeting with you. During this meeting she will educate you about whatever mental health disorder is appearing, provide you with resources (books, hotlines, articles, etc.), direct you to the appropriate treatment centers, and give you some pointers on how to communicate with the person struggling. You will leave this consultation feeling empowered with a clear plan of how to best support your loved one while taking care of yourself. Contact Maryellen today.

Disclaimer: This is NOT a therapy session. This is simply to provide knowledge and resources.