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Episode 41: Empathy

Did you know that the word ‘empath’ actually comes from an episode of Star Trek and it then became a psuedoscience term? This Okay-ish podcast episode is all about empathy!

Included in This Episode:

  • Maryellen reveals the truth about the term empath and where it is derived from
  • Maryellen then dives into empathy and helps the listeners understand the importance of being empathetic. 
  • She also shares the importance of setting healthy boundaries while being empathetic.

Sharable Quotes:

  • “ Empathy is something that is learned, something that we can strengthen”
  • “Having empathy for others is a wonderful thing our society needs, we all as humans need. But not having boundaries and trying to rescue or save others, not healthy.”

I hope you liked this episode! Be sure to check out the new ‘Resources’ page on the website and as always stay tuned for a podcast challenge and follow along on instagram to stay up to date!

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