couple talking with therapist

For the first ever episode of the Okay-ish podcast, host Maryellen Dance introduces herself as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and very messy human being. Maryellen shares that the goal of this podcast it to strip away myths and misunderstandings around therapy, mental health, and everything in between. Maryellen currently owns her own therapy business where she practices as a therapist and is also a psychology professor at a local university. Maryellen is excited to share all of her real life therapy experience and personal experience to help everyone become Okay-ish.

To start off this journey, Maryellen goes through some myths about therapy that she has seen in her 10+ years of experience as a therapist:

Myth #1: She am NOT diagnosing you

Myth #2: She does not sit with glasses down on her nose while stroking a big white beard…that’s Freud.

Myth #3: She never asks the question “Now how does that make you feel?”

Myth #4: Clients do NOT lie down on some type of chaise lounge chair.

Myth #5: No, Maryellen will not blame your mother for everything.

Check out this first episode and let us know what you think!

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