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Episode 38: Understanding Borderline Personality Disorder

Episode 38: Borderline Personality Disorder

Did you know that 75% of individuals diagnosed with BPD are women? May is borderline personality disorder awareness month, so what better way to kick off this month than to talk about it?

Included in This Episode:
– Maryellen first shares important facts to know about borderline personality disorder
– Maryellen then paints a picture of what someone with borderline personality disorder looks like and shares a little bit about her own experience meeting someone with borderline personality disorder.
– At the end of the episode Maryellen shares 4 insightful tips on things to do if you know someone with borderline personality disorder.

Sharable Quotes:
– “People with borderline are often the life of the party, they’re intriguing, and fun, and exciting, and they can be angry, rage-full, and very critical”
– “People with borderline are known for the ‘I hate you don’t leave me’ response”

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Book Recommendations:
I Hate You Don’t Leave Me

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