close up photo of woman with her eyes closed holding her forehead

Today we jump into a topic that is relevant to EVERYONE. Yup, we are talking about anxiety.  Every person at some point in their lives has felt anxious.  So finally, I am dedicating an episode to anxiety! 

Included in This Episode:

  • First, Maryellen differentiates between many types of anxiety disorders.
  • Then, she reveals the truth about who anxiety is.
  • Finally, Maryellen shares the NUMBER ONE thing you can for anxiety (don’t miss this one, it’s brilliant).

Sharable Quotes:

  • “There’s lots of different types of anxiety and not to mention, yes anxiety is a psychological disorder but it’s also just a feeling.”
  • Every single human being on this earth has most likely felt anxious from time to time.”
  • “Here’s the thing in common with all of these disorders: they all include distorted thinking.”

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