with Host Maryellen Dance, LMHC

The Okay-ish Podcast

Episode 48: Communication

Episode 48: Communication

Today we are going to talk about the most fundamental and crucial aspect of relationships. COMMUNICATION! 

Included in This Episode:

  • We discuss the components of communication
  • Nonverbal and verbal communication
  • Lastly, the three best tips on how to communicate

Sharable Quotes:

  • “There’s a lot that happens between my mouth and your ears”
  • “Stop assuming what other people are thinking”
  • “It is often so apparent to see the breakdown of communication between couples and communication is something that can be fixed”


After the episode on August 11th, I will be taking a month break from new episodes and returning September 22nd. Stay tuned from some fun challenges and things that will be happening thatmonth with no episodes though!