3 Ingredients to an Okay-ish Life

Living an Okay-ish life is all about being your best self, while recognizing that some days will only be okay.

Come with me as I explain the 3 key ingredients, or pillars for an Okay-ish life each with journal prompts and challenges for you to start living Okay-ish.

If you listen to my podcast (the Okay-ish Podcast) you know that I am allll about striving to live an Okay-ish life!

What I mean by that is, of course I want you to live life to the fullest, I want you to accomplish all your dreams  and I would love to help you do that! 

Buttttt…..none of us are perfect. None of us are our best selves all the time. None of us are happy every single moment of every single day. That’s where the name Okay-ish comes from. This term allows us to strive for our best, but have days, weeks, or months where we come up short.

So how do we strive for an Okay-ish life? I’m glad you asked.

I have developed 3 key ingredients to share with you here!

Journal Prompts

You’re probably here because you’ve heard the Okay-ish podcast (if you haven’t, check it out wherever you listen to podcasts)!

So every week that I release a podcast (on Wednesdays) I always get listeners coming back to me sharing how they applied what they heard in their life, how they thought about it, what questions they had about it, soooo much great feedback.

Soooo, I wanted to give some extra information to all of you!

I am going to add a journal prompt EVERY WEDNESDAY that coincides with the Okay-ish episode. (Don’t worry, if you haven’t heard the episode, that’s okay too, I will explain enough in the journal prompts that you won’t need to if you don’t have time!)

Journal prompts are amazing because for me, when I sit down to journal, I often don’t know what to write. Or I’ll start writing about something that’s bothering me and the more I write the more upset I get. Journal prompts help to have a clear guide of what to focus on to make sure that the time we spend journaling is productive!

I can’t wait to hear what you think!