Speaking Engagements


  • The Crippling Self Improvement Culture                       (60-75 minutes in person or virtual)
  • Mental Health 101: What is it?                                             (60-75 minutes in person or virtual)


  • 7 Facts About Anxiety that will Change the Way You Think                                                                                              (60-90 minutes in person or virtual)
  • Stress: How to Actually Manage Stress in ways that Will Make a Difference                                                             (60-90 minutes in person or virtual)
  • Becoming Okay-ish                                                                  (60 minutes in person or virtual for 8 weeks along with a workbook)
Maryellen is excited to talk all things mental health, therapy, and psychology. For speaking engagements or to bring Maryellen to your event contact: [email protected]

“Maryellen is a rock-star!! Today’s workshop was filled with a lot of helpful information but more importantly she didn’t just share her knowledge/expertise; she gave clear examples on ‘how to’ or ‘when we might’ apply what we learned, so that we can help our clients and ourselves. Again, it was one of the better workshops I have attended lately. Thank you.”
– Connie, workshop attendee