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Hey, there!

My name’s Maryellen and I have been a mental health counselor for 10 years (whew, I don’t feel old enough for that, but apparently I am!)

I own a mental health therapy practice in Upstate New York. In therapy, I primarily work with adults struggling with things like: self esteem, depression, anxiety, trauma, and life transitions. I have experience with: substance abuse, domestic violence, trauma, and more. I’m also a psychology professor at a local university.

Although I love doing therapy, my shift has been working with people in groups which is honestly so much fun. Being able to share my expertise in an interactive and group focused way is amazing!

My dream is to become a talk show host…and I have definitely not given up on that dream…but until then check out how I may be able to help YOU!

That’s me. Laughing naturally while leaning against my desk.

Not staged at all…

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