“The Things Therapists Wish You Knew”

– February, 2020

Maryellen is interviewed by entrepreneur, Mandy Friend Gigliotti about misconceptions about therapy, the important role therapy plays in Mandy’s life, and how to go about getting started with therapy.

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5 Things That Turn An Intake Session Into An Ongoing Client

Maryellen writes about being a therapist and an entrepreneur and the secrets to getting and keeping clients for the #1 therapist website design firm, Brighter Vision.

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Finding Success by Seizing Opportunity

Maryellen is interviewed by Sam Chlebowski, podcast host and dedicated to helping therapist’s grow their private practices. Maryellen shares her experience with growing her own practice and how she did it the wrong way, but it worked.

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The Real Life Therapy Experience with Maryellen Dance

Maryellen is interviewed by lifestyle builder, Ariana Sylvester on how being an entrepreneur can be tough on your mental health, and one area that’s not often talked about is shame.

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From Self Care to “Helpful” Advice

Maryellen is interviewed by entrepreneur and business consultant, Jaclyn Mellone, on the difference between self care and mental health, the difference between being in a bad mood and depression, and how to manage mental health as an entrepreneur.

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Rochester CEO’s You Should Know with Maryellen Dance

– June, 2019

Maryellen is interviewed as a CEO in Rochester to watch on her journey to becoming her own CEO.

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