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I’m here to change the conversation about mental health. I want to share what I know, continue to learn, and advocate for mental health awareness and mental well being.

Mental health and Self Care are such buzz words in our society today. But what do they mean? What does it look like? In an era of self-improvement, I want to add in my professional expertise to show what self care truly is and how to continually work towards positive mental health.

According to Sonja Lyubomirsky’s ‘The How of Happiness’, 50% of happiness is genetically determined, 10% of happiness is due to life circumstances, and 40% of happiness is the result of the individual’s own outlook. I look at that 40%.

Check out the Okay-ish Podcast to learn all about my views on therapy, mental health, and how you can strive to be okay-ish.

I love connecting with people, seriously, my job and life is about talking and connecting with people, so send me a message! I promise I’ll reply!

That’s me. Laughing naturally while leaning against my desk.

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