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7 Facts About Anxiety Workbook

“Anxiety” is a word that’s thrown around a lot…I know I use it all the time in my daily life…….

But what is it really?!

What does it actually mean?!

If I am really stressed does that mean that I should be diagnosed with anxiety?

If I am diagnosed with anxiety, does that mean that I’m stressed all the time?

But I’m going through a difficult time in my life, isn’t it normal to feel anxious about it?

This workbook goes through the 7 key facts about anxiety that will answer all these questions and more!!

In this workbook you will have one new fact about anxiety each day for 7 days. Each fact will give a background of what it means, examples of how this fact is seen with anxiety, and ideas of what to do about it. Each fact also comes with questions for you to complete and challenges to practice in your life!

By the time you complete this workbook you will:

– Understand how your anxiety looks

– Understand where your anxiety is coming from

– Have multiple types of coping skills in your toolbox

– Be the PRO on anxiety!