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If you haven’t read Untamed yet by Glennon Doyle, stop everything you’re doing and order it right now!!

I love the writing style, includes fun little stories, while making significant points that will change the way you think. Glennon Doyle does an amazing job of letting the reader know that what has worked for her may not work for the reader, she does not come across as the expert or as telling you what to do. Rather she uses this platform to share lessons she has learned while empowering the reader to be their “Untamed” self. #ad


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Amazing memoir of a Marya Hornbacher who has struggled with Bipolar I Disorder, eating disorders, and alcohol dependency. Shows the true “behind the scenes” of bipolar I disorder, back in the 1990s when it was often misdiagnosed. As such a “taboo” diagnosis that is still widely misunderstood this book gives a look into the brain of someone with bipolar I disorder. Very well written, easy to read. There is still much more research to be done about bipolar I disorder, but this is a great step to destigmatizing and understanding.

Disclaimer: There are very raw, tough parts of the book that may be difficult to read regarding: self harm, sexual acts, etc. #ad

I'll be Okay, It's Just a Hole in my Head

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Comedian Mimi Hayes writes about her journey with a traumatic brain injury while in her 20s. This book is a great memoir because it mixes her dry and funny sense of humor with real life struggles, increasing awareness of traumatic brain injuries, mental health concerns, and when life doesn’t go as planned. #ad

How Life Works

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Written by Andrew Matthews who is a speaker on happiness. Easy read, almost the format of a children’s book meant to be taken in small doses. Discusses why happy people are more successful. How to be happy. Focuses a bit on the law of attraction, but mostly on the power of positive thinking and how to practice positive thinking even when we’re feeling really negative. #ad

Wherever You Go, There You Are

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Interested in learning more about mindfulness? Written by Jon Kabat Zinn (the founder of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Therapy). It’s a great introduction to what mindfulness is and how to start practicing mindfulness. I recommend that you read in small chunks to help digest information. #ad

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