33 year old Female

Life is full of challenges and sometimes they are more than one woman can handle so she seeks out her friends or family for support, but sometimes you don’t want to discuss your issues with your family or friends. You want an unbiased mind to hear and help. I was recommended Maryellen by a friend and it was a great fit. I needed someone to see the unhealthy patterns I was creating in my life and help me to see them too. I needed someone to listen patiently but also speak truth to me about my own actions and the actions of others involved. Maryellen has a very relaxed feel about her when you meet her. She never acts as though she knows more than you. She truly helped me to dig deeper and understand more thoroughly the things I was facing, which gave me strength to resolve some pretty big issues in my life. If you are struggling with anything, from self acceptance, marital issues, fears, doubt, or grief. Just know that Maryellen is a great listening ear, she’s not going to give you false advice or expectations. She is going to prepare you to handle what life is throwing your way.