The Tricky Thing About Anxiety…

Recently, many people have been expressing the frustration with having to continuously practice coping skills for anxiety. I have heard things like:

“I don’t want to do this mindfulness bulls*** again!”


“Why can’t my anxiety just go away forever?!”

I get it…it’s incredibly annoying.

Why can’t I just do my coping skill techniques and be done with anxiety?

I am going to let you in on a secret about anxiety….the worst part about anxiety in my opinion…….it is a tricky, nasty, and sneaky little fu**er.

The second, I mean the second, we let ourselves go down a negative spiral, or fall back into nasty old habits, or don’t do our coping skills, that anxiety rears its ugly head! Our anxiety is literally just waiting in the back of our minds to sneak up on us and tear us down again. It sucks.

But, this blog post isn’t all negative, I do have some good news.

Last year, I started going to the gym. The first day I was at the gym, I couldn’t even do one burpee. Now (don’t get me wrong I still hate burpees) but I can whip out 25 in a row no problem.

Anxiety coping skills are just like a muscle. The more practice you have, the easier they will become. And beyond that! Once our anxiety coping skills get easier and more like a well practiced muscle, that nasty anxiety in the back of our minds? It gets quieter and weaker. It loses it’s strength.

So the next time you’re tempted to go down a nasty anxiety thought spiral, I want you to think “Will this give my anxiety strength, or weaken it?” We want to weaken the anxiety and strengthen allllll of our other muscles, so that the anxiety voice is so weak we can’t even hear it!

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