The weather is nicer…Things are starting to open back up…Why do I still feel crappy?

The weather is finally nice in upstate NY (insert me jumping up and down). We are well on our way to Phase 2 of opening back up! People are having safe, distant outdoor picnics! All of this sounds great………….right?

I have been seeing so many people post on Instagram and Facebook about how the sunshine and warmer weather has helped them finally feel better…that’s fantastic. As much as the increase in Vitamin D helps and seeing people outdoors from far away helps………………….it is okay to still feel anxious. Maybe your anxiety is even worse because now you’re starting to leave the bubble of your house slightly more, which after being inside for 10+ weeks it’s become almost a culture shock to go outside again.

I love sunshine, I have spent the past few days outside all day long…but that does not take away anxiety. It does not take away depression. It does not take away this fear that has been instilled within us for the past few months. It does not take away our worries.

Don’t get me wrong.

Sunshine helps.

Being outside helps.

Exercise helps.

Seeing friends and family help………………………..But unfortunately these things are not a cure.

In order for these things to help even more, we have to continue to work on quieting those monsters in our brains. We have to recognize that anxiety and depression want to take over our thoughts with illogical thinking but we won’t let them. We have to look introspectively, NOT listen to the anxiety and depression, and all those other things I go on and on about all day long that I’m sure many of you are sick of hearing 😉

So go out and enjoy the sunshine. Go enjoy having socially distant picnics. Do this while remembering that it’s okay that things are still hard. They will get better. I promise. But it’s okay that you aren’t out of the woods yet.

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