More About Maryellen

That’s me. Laughing naturally while leaning against my desk. Not staged at all…

Hey, there! My name’s Maryellen and I have been a mental health counselor for 10 years (whew, I don’t feel old enough for that, but apparently I am!)

I own a mental health therapy practice in Upstate New York…by Upstate I mean, upstate …cows, cold, snow…not close to NYC. In therapy, I primarily work with adults struggling with things like: self esteem, depression, anxiety, trauma, and life transitions. Oh! I’m also a psychology professor at a local university.

Buttt, my passion really lies in humor. We take ourselves way too seriously. I have written a book all about what it was like to date (a bunch of assholes) in my 20s while I was a therapist, telling others NOT to date a bunch of assholes.

From focusing more on humor and how to take ourselves less seriously to promote change, that has led me to do a lot of motivational/comedic coaching and speaking.

My dream is to become a talk show host…and I have definitely not given up on that dream…but until then check out how I may be able to help YOU!