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Why are we Angry with 2020?

I have been seeing a lot of pretty hilarious memes about being angry with 2020. Memes that say things like “Why did we celebrate the new year to go into this?” Or one of my favorites is: “I bet none of us were right back in 2015 when we predicted where we would be in 5 years”…….don’t get me wrong….these are hysterical…..but there’s a problem with focusing on this………….when we focus on “Let’s just wait until 2021 and start over” that puts us in a mindset that there’s nothing we can do now except wait.

I have always hated New Year’s Eve. Typically, I have really high expectations and hope on New Year’s Eve. I have set my goals for the new year. I have made my vision board. I have dressed up and popped the champagne. And usually, I have failed at one of my goals in some way or another within about 20 minutes. Then I end up feeling bad about myself and thinking “Welp, the whole new year is ruined, might as well wait until next year”……clearly a healthy thought process going on here every New Year’s Eve.

I feel like right now, with this focus on how bad 2020 is, we’re all in that perpetual New Year’s Eve state. We are just sitting back and waiting.

Guess what? New Year’s really means nothing. Was it the Mayans who developed the calendar? I’m embarrassed to say that I honestly have no idea but I think the calendar is based on the Mayan calendar along with maybe solstices? (If anyone wants to give me a quick history lesson, I clearly need it). But my point is, it doesn’t mean anything. We can go after our goals TODAY. We can say that yeah, the past few months have been a sh**show and it’s not over, but that doesn’t mean I have to sit back and hate 2020, that’s not going to do me any good.

So laugh at the memes with me, create your own memes, joke about how ridiculous life is right now…but please don’t wait another five months to do good things for yourself. You got this. Now.

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