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Why E-Courses?

It feels like everywhere I look on the internet, I see e-courses! There are a wide variety of online courses, some really fancy and intense and meant to be in depth, long courses and some mini courses. I feel like every day I get an e-mail with a free download of some type of checklist meant to help with some problem. So here’s the deal…do these work?!

If I’m being honest, I feel kind of sick of online products…I think that’s probably because I sign up for e-mails all the time so I guess I do it to myself. Anyways, lately, I have been learning a lot about online courses, doing more “mini” courses and guess what?! They are amazing!!

I have recently added e-courses (or online courses) to my website and I am sooo excited. I wanted to take this time to explain a bit what e-courses are, why they’re so awesome, and what to expect!

Any type of online course has become increasingly popular over the past decade and even more popular since the hit of COVID-19 to the United States. Online courses are popular for a variety of reasons including the fact that they are often much cheaper than in person services, much more accessible than in person services, and just plain easier in a lot of ways!

So there are obviously education services providing online courses. Most colleges and universities are providing some if not all of their courses online right now…but what I’m referring to are a different type of online course. Not a semester of homework, class assignments, and textbooks, but rather shorter e-courses, more focused, and done on your own time at your own pace!

There are a lot of business coaches and consultants who provide online courses such as: “Buy this e-course to learn how to start your business!”. There are also a lot of fitness online courses…such as: “30 Day online workbook to a healthier you”.

I have enrolled in online courses as a consumer in the past, but I never really thought about adding online courses of my own. However recently, I have had the awesome opportunity to develop and provide workshops for various organizations. These workshops have been so much fun to research, to develop, and to interact and (virtually) meet so many people!

With all this being said…because these workshops have been so fun and in high demand, I wanted to be able to provide the information from these workshops to even more people. I also want to be able to provide further information related to my Okay-ish podcast, more in depth than what I can do in a 20 minute podcast episode……………and to be able to give this information where people can do it on their own time in the comfort of their own homes…score!

So please check out my library of online courses here.

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