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Empowering you and your team from going through the day to day motions…

to achieving the goals you never thought possible.

Reach the potential

…feeling like your team is made for more? Feeling like you have more to offer but you’re stuck in the daily grind? Wanting to finally reach those goals that you have put on the back burner for so long? Want to finally have that happy and productive environment you’ve always imagined?

Discover what’s holding you back

You have a great team. You have the systems in place. You have the expertise. Why don’t things feel better? Why aren’t employees happier? We ALL have those goals that we have wanted to reach, but have gotten in our own ways because of our own fears, anxieties, lack of time, and who knows what else…finally discover what has been holding your team and YOU back and how to stop getting in your own way!

Overcome mindset

…We all know that we are our own worst enemies…whether it’s our anxieties, our past (or current) relationships, our depression, our self worth…working on our inner mindset is the BEST way to start getting out of our own ways, becoming our own and each others best supports.

Your goals are within your reach

….You weren’t meant for mediocrity….If you feel that way…imagine how your colleagues are feeling…It feels that way for all of us, when we think over and over “someday”…”when the kids go to college”…”when I can get a higher paying job”…”when so and so quits”…or the worst: “I can’t do anything about my happiness at work”……….whatever your “somedays” are, I’m sure the list goes on and on

You don’t need another “quick fix”…You don’t need another motivational speech from your boss…You don’t need another “download 10 tips for managing anxiety” or “health and wellness week at work” where you have to count your daily steps…you definitely don’t need another “take this quiz to find out your personality type”…..

What you need is to remove the road blocks and barriers that have been set in your way from years of anxiety, years of being told you’re not good enough, years of feeling stuck…everyone on your team needs this… can you do group work when the individual work hasn’t been done?

Once you understand how your brain works

Once you understand those inner most depths of your brain that you’ve probably tried to ignore

Once you learn how to support yourself rather than tear yourself down…

The magic WILL happen.

I know you’re feeling lonely, lost, scared, and frustrated. I know you’re feeling disconnected from your own life, your true self, and everyone around you.

Take this as a sign… a fire under you’re a** to finally go grab that life you want to live. Because guess what? This works.

Team Programs


Becoming More: 8 week (for 1-2 hours each week) program for teams to increase overall happiness and contentment levels


7 Facts About Anxiety That Will Change The Way You Think: 1-4 hour long training for teams all about learning the ins and outs of anxiety


The 4 Pillars of Communication: 1-4 hour long training for teams focused on learning how to communicate in a way that is productive every. single. time.


The True Meaning of Self Care: 1-4 hour long training for teams all about what self care actually is and how to actually implement this in your busy life


Beyond Frustration: Getting to the Root of our Emotional Reactions: 1-4 hour long training for teams focused on weeding through the frustration to have more awareness and productivity


Plus many more topics depending on your organization’s specific needs!

Interested in working with me? Send me a message and I will be in touch shortly about your unique goals!

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