The “M” Method

Values & Beliefs

I am dedicated to helping your organization learn joy, authenticity, and mindset shifts (or dance)

I believe that everyone has the capacity to make choices more aligned with joy.

I believe people need to take themselves less seriously in order to take themselves more seriously.

I believe personal fulfillment requires authenticity. 

In both our personal and professional life movement requires courage. 

Outcomes of working with The "M" Method

  • Higher levels of personal responsibility 

  • Increased self esteem  

  • Ability to overcome internal and external barriers 

  • Stronger communications skills 


Ability to reach your potential and allow yourself to feel joyful. 


Ability to look inward and discover what is holding you back.



Ability to move (or dance) through changes, growing pains, and barriers to overcome your mindset.


Individual Therapy: Check out my therapy practice website to schedule an appointment


Therapist Consultation: If you’re a therapist and interested in starting/growing your own practice, I’m here to share with you my unique technique and support you to reach your goals.


Organizational Wellness: Using The “M” Method, I help organizations overcome barriers to employee satisfaction therefore increasing retention and productivity.


Speaking: Bring Maryellen to your event to speak about The “M” Method.

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